50 Ohm Terminators
SMA Open, Dust Cap
  • OC1 Series
  • SMA Open, Dust Cap
  • Features :

    * Compact Size

    * Internally Open

    * Excellent Mechanical Structure

    * Precision Connector

    * Exquisite Plating Quality

 Item OC1-101 OC1-102
 Impedance 50 Ohm 50 Ohm
 Connector Type SMA-male SMA-male
 Material Brass, Gold-plated Brass, Gold-plated
 Dimensions 9(¢) x 10.7 mm 9(¢) x 15.3 mm
 Net Weight 3.0 g 4.5 g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.





The OC1-10x is a RF open-circuit SMA-male dust cap connector.

RF connector dust caps are essential for precision connectors, protecting them from dust, corrosion and potential damage especially to test and measurement equipment.

OC1-102 model come with a chain to prevent loss or misplacement.

The length of the OC1-102 chain can be custom designed.

Model Connector Connector Material Note
OC1-101 Open, SMA-male Brass  
OC1-102 Open, SMA-male Brass with 85 mm Chain Plug
OC1-103 Open, SMA-male Stainless Steel  
OC1-104 Open, SMA-male Stainless Steel with 85 mm Chain Plug