75 Ohm Trap Filters
Trap Filters
  • Trap Filters
  • Features :

    * CE Approved, Class A RFI Shielding

    * High Rejection

    * Low Loss

    * Excellent Return Loss

    * Waterproof (alternative)

    * Patented Housing

    * Suitable for CATV and
      other communication systems

A trap filter is used for filtering interference frequencies of Pay-Per-View(PPV) in CATV reception or other communication systems.

Soontai's TF series trap filters have many features (see below).

1. Very narrow notch window, affects nothing but the interference signal.

2. Lowest insertion loss, signal-through-loss reduced to a minimum.

3. High notch depth, provides excellent rejection capabilities to clear the interference signal.
    (Fig. 1)

4. Excellent return loss, good impedance match reduces signal loss to keep the
    signal clean. (Fig. 2)

5. Dual layer copper tubes provide the best radio frequency interference (RFI) / electromagnetic
    interference(EMI) protection.

The table below shows popular model of TF series trap filters. You may specify other models and notch frequencies according to your needs.

* The trap filters have Negative, Positive and Signal notch types. Please see the
   filter profile technical notes in our Tech Support.

Custom filters or more details on inquires, please refer to Custom Filters.

Model Notch Frequency Model Notch Frequency
CH-2 57.5 MHz CH-21 165.5 MHz
CH-3 63.5 MHz CH-22 171.5 MHz
CH-4 69.5 MHz CH-23 219.5 MHz
CH-5 79.5 MHz CH-24 225.5 MHz
CH-6 85.5 MHz CH-25 231.5 MHz
CH-7 177.5 MHz CH-26 237.5 MHz
CH-8 183.5 MHz CH-27 243.5 MHz
CH-9 189.5 MHz CH-28 249.5 MHz
CH-10 195.5 MHz CH-29 255.5 MHz
CH-11 201.5 MHz CH-30 261.5 MHz
CH-12 207.5 MHz CH-31 267.5 MHz
CH-13 213.5 MHz CH-32 273.5 MHz
CH-14 123.5 MHz .  
CH-15 129.5 MHz .  
CH-16 135.5 MHz .  
CH-17 141.5 MHz to  
CH-18 147.5 MHz CH-86 597.5 MHz
CH-19 153.5 MHz CH-87 603.5 MHz
CH-20 159.5 MHz CH-88 609.5 MHz