IS7 Isoaltors

Our cost-effective IS7 RF isolator can solve ground loop and hum problems, and provides up to 2.1KV voltage withstanding capability to protect your LCD TV, HDTV.

The RF isolator is also suitable for use in MoCA, TV, CATV, CCTV communication and testing applications.

  Item IS7 - 210F
  Impedance 75 Ohm
  Frequency Range 5 - 1000MHz
  Insertion Loss 0.3dB (typ)
  Return Loss 18dB (typ)
  Voltage Withstanding DC 2.1 kV(max)
  Dimensions 16.5(¢) x 57 mm
  Net Weight 32 g

   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model Frequency Range IN Connector OUT Connector
IS7 - 210 1 GHz F-female F-male
IS7 - 210F 1 GHz F-female F-female
IS7 - 215 1.5 GHz F-female F-male
IS7 - 215F 1.5 GHz F-female F-female
IS7 - 220 2 GHz F-female F-male
IS7 - 220F 2 GHz F-female F-female