Broadband Amplifiers

The AP4 is a broadband amplifier series with 30dB high gain, 5-2150Hz wideband, low noise
and a very flat gain that makes it sutiable for application in many communication systems.

  Item AP4-3020A AP4-3020F
  Impedance 50 ohm 75 ohm
  Bandwidth 5 - 2150MHz
  Gain 30dB (typ)
  Return Loss 14dB (typ)
  P1dB 15dBm (typ)
  Supply Voltage DC 9 -12 V
  Connector type-SMA female type-F female
  Dimensions 24.5(H) x 56.5(W) x 66.5(D) mm 24.5(H) x 56.5(W) x 71.2(D) mm
  Net Weight 83g 86g

   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.