SMA series
18GHz SMA-female Through Adapter
  • CN-18242402
  • 18GHz SMA-female Through Adapter
  • Features :

    * Up to 18GHz

    * Low Loss : 0.08dB@18GHz(typ)

    * Excellent Return Loss : 30dB(typ)

    * Boby : Stainless Steel

    * Center Pin : Beryllium Copper 

    * Suitable for 50 ohm communication


 Item CN-18242402
  Impedance 50 ohm
  Frequency Range 9KHz - 18GHz
  Insertion Loss (9KHz - 18GHz) 0.08dB (typ) / 0.2dB (max)
  Return Loss (9KHz - 15GHz) 35dB (typ) / 30dB (min)
  Return Loss (15.001 - 18GHz) 30dB (typ) / 20dB (min)
  Connector both side SMA-female
  Dimensions 6.25(¢) x 15 mm
  Net Weight 2g

The CN-18242402 is a high quality stainless steel SMA-type female to female adapter with return loss 20dB(min.) up to 18 GHz.

It is designed for application in production line measurement and 50 ohm RF signal transmission such as GPS, WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, LTE femtocell,...etc.