50 Ohm
DB2 series

Soontai's DB2 gold series DC block boasts very low loss and excellent return loss up to 6 GHz. This makes this series an indispensable laboratory grade DC block.

  Item DB2 - 62101-2W
  Impedance 50 ohm
  Frequency Range 5 - 6000MHz
  Block Type Inner
  Insertion Loss (5-3000MHz) 0.3dB(max)
  Insertion Loss (3001-6000MHz) 0.5dB(max)
  Return Loss (5-3000MHz) 30dB(typ) / 25dB(min)
  Return Loss (3001-6000MHz) 25dB(typ) / 20dB(min)
  Maximun Input Power 2W(avg.)
  Voltage Withstanding DC 100V(max)
  Connector Male & Female "SMA" type
  Dimensions 9.35(¢) x 30.9mm
  Net Weight


                                              * Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Model Pass Band DC Withstanding Power Ratting
 DB2 - 62101-2W 5 - 6000 MHz 100 V 2 W
 DB2 - 65101-2W 5 - 6000 MHz 250 V 2 W