50 Ohm Attenuators
AT5 series
  • 6G Attenuator
  • AT5 series
  • Features :

    * Up to 6GHz

    * High Precision

    * Excellent Return Loss

    * Suitable for 50 ohm communication
      systems such as LTE, WiFi,... 

  Item AT5-610103-2W
  Impedance 50 ohm
  Frequency Range 9KHz - 6000MHz
  Insertion Loss (9KHz - 3000MHz) 10dB+/-0.2dB(max)
  Insertion Loss (3001 - 6000MHz) 10dB+/-0.4dB(max)
  Return Loss (9KHz - 3000MHz) 30dB (typ) / 25dB (min)
  Return Loss (3001 - 6000MHz) 30dB (typ) / 23dB (min)
  Maximum Input Power 2W (avg.)
  DC Block No
  Connector Type Male & Female SMA
  Dimensions 9.35(¢) x 30.9mm
  Net Weight 8g

        * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Soontai's AT5 gold series boast highly accurate attenuation up to 6 GHz with excellent return loss. This makes this series an indispensable laboratory grade attenuator.


Model Attenuation Model Attenuation
AT5 - 603103-2W   3dB AT5 - 605103-2W 5dB
AT5 - 606103-2W   6dB AT5 - 610103-2W 10dB
AT5 - 609103-2W   9dB AT5 - 615103-2W 15dB
AT5 - 612103-2W 12dB AT5 - 620103-2W 20dB
AT5 - 616103-2W 16dB AT5 - 625103-2W 25dB
AT5 - 618103-2W 18dB AT5 - 630103-2W 30dB